♪Some of My FAVORITE Things♪ (Part 7)

The idea for this series of posts was inspired by Lashaan at Bookidote. He asked what some of my favorite books were during my initial start of my Malazan Journey.  That got me thinking, as I do have a “favorite” tag that I use in Calibre. So I did some exhaustive investigating [typing in “favorite” and hitting enter in Calibre is a real workout!] and out of the roughly 2900 books that I’ve read since 2000, there are around 300 that earned the Favorite moniker. There are a bunch of Favorites that are duplicates, as I’ve obviously re-read some of my Favorites time and time again.

However, listing 300+ books all in one post seemed like information overload. Therefore I have decided to do a much smaller list each month until the end of the year. You will get to see what I like in manageable doses and I get “thought free” posts  😀  Win-Win all around. I’m simply listing them Alphabetical by Author with just a word or four attached.


Patricia Wrede

Enchanted Forest Chronicles
Mairelon the Magician duology
Frontier Magic Trilogy

I’m currently re-reading the Enchanted Forest Chronicles and they’re as fun as ever. Mairelon is a Magical England story with a young Lord taking on a street rat as his apprentice and raising her as a Lady. Frontier Magic follows Ef, the 13th child of a 13th child as the United States begin to push west.


Phillip Wylie & Edwin Balmer

When Worlds Collide
After Worlds Collide

I found this duology from the 50’s in the library in the early 90’s and I’ve been reading and re-reading it ever since.  The American Can-Do spirit can overcome even rogue planets!


Raymond Feist

A Darkness at Sethanon
Magician: Apprentice
Magician: Master

The original Riftwar Saga.  A typical European fantasy world, with knights and magicians, etc, gets invaded by japanese’esque warriors from another world. And that’s the least of the problems. The Riftwar Universe has been wrapped up in the last couple of years, but beyond these 4, I never cared for most of it and stayed away.


Riichiro Inagaki & Yusuke Murata

Eyeshield 21 manga

Another series that I am currently reading. A sports manga about American football in Japan.  Doesn’t sound like much I know, but my goodness, this has all the Heart and Soul of a young man growing up!


Robert Jordan

The Wheel of Time (13 books)

I will complain as much as the next person about this series but in the end I still like it even with all its faults. It tells a fantastic, epic story. Also, Jordan dying in the middle of the series was great drama. While Sanderson finished this off, it is still Jordan who birthed it.


Sean Russell

The Shadow Roads
The Isle of Battle
The One Kingdom

Another recent re-read that stood up well. A slow, river like journey through a land where 3 magical siblings arise again and their father and uncle must battle death incarnate. Of course, in true Russell style, most of the story is told from other character’s viewpoint. The Children of Wyrr might be the main movers and shakers, but it is the people of the time who flesh and clothe the story.


Stephen Lawhead


The Pendragon trilogy. It is an Arthurian legend story from a Christian perspective.


Steve Bein

Daughter of the Sword
Year of the Demon
Disciple of the Wind

The Fated Swords series takes place in Japan in both modern day and far past. The present focuses on one policewoman who becomes heir to a Fated Blade and must face off against other artifacts of power in the hands of nutjobs and terrorists. The far past has chronicled the beginnings of the swords and how they’ve been used through history.  Probably the closest I’ve ever come to a Police Procedural.  Also, I absolutely love these covers.

These should be clickable for Hi-res versions.


Steven Erikson

Gardens of the Moon

I used to have the entire Malazan Book of the Fallen listed in my favorites, well, except for the last 3 but with my current re-reading I am finding they are even better written than before but the Existential Whine cuts like a buzzsaw through my skull.



And that wraps up this month’s Favorites. I’ve only got 1 more post’s worth of Favorites, so this little monthly segment will be ending soon. I was hoping to stretch things out to the end of the year, but each time I got excited and added an extra author or 3 and bam, I wasn’t going to make it to year’s end.





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22 thoughts on “♪Some of My FAVORITE Things♪ (Part 7)

  1. Manuel Antao says:

    I read books a bit before it, but I think the book that most inspired me to read was Raymond E. Feist’s “Magician”. It was captivating, and pretty soon I’d gotten through not just it, but the 12-15 books that followed it in the series (at the time), and following that, basically every fantasy book in the local library, often going through a 500+ page book per day during school holidays. In the decade or so between then and now, I eagerly awaited each new release, purchasing and devouring the next one within a day or two of release, despite the fact that none of them really came close to the quality of the first few books. In 2013 the story was finally concluded with Magician’s End, which was a relief, but also quite sad, with no more books to look forward to. And I agree with you. The Riftwar Cycle was the best of all the sub-cycles (Krondor came close…).

    You forgot Lawhead’s Byzantium…:)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Manuel Antao says:

    I forgot to add, I’ve got the uncut edition of Magician. I’m planning on re-read it one of these days.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I didnt know any of these authors and thank god for your post 😀 Checking out Raymond Feist and Patricia Wrede 😍🤘

    Liked by 1 person

  4. H.P. says:

    Have you read the Empire series Feist did with Janny Wurts? It was the Tsurani that really made his books for me. I reread the original series a few years ago and enjoyed the two Magician books much more than the two Tsurani-less books.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’ve been curious about Steve Bein’s series for a long time! I’m glad to see you enjoyed these books, now I feel even more confident putting them on my list. And I don’t think I can bring myself to slog through WoT especially in the middle…not even for Sanderson at the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bookstooge says:

      I keep waiting for Bein to put out another book, but he’s not dashing them off, so he’s a typical author. But each one has been worth waiting for an buying. No hardcovers, sadly.

      I’ve read the first 5 or 7 WoT book multiple times but at some point I’ll need to do the whole series to see how it stands as a whole.


  6. I quite liked the first two Riftwar books buuut I never really felt the need to continue to be honest. And *makes inaudible grumbling* about Wheel of Time… not even gonna go there 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I tried Feist once, I think about 3-4 years ago. I bought ‘Magician’ and was really hype, but then didn’t like it and did not finish. It’s of those ‘chosen one/orphan boy turns hero’ stories I am not a fan of anymore.

    I just discovered Patricia C Wrede this year and am sad I didn’t find her books earlier 🙂

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  8. What’s your take on Jordan vs Sanderson’s writing style? Do you see a difference within the series? Does Sanderson make things better? Or is two completely different things that just can’t be compared but can both be thoroughly enjoyed?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bookstooge says:

      Jordan was a great writer who really needed a cut throat editor. His wife was his editor and sadly, it showed. Someone else would have ruthlessly pared down some of the clothing stuff, arguments, etc. But he wrote enjoyable stuff.

      Sanderson did a great job of finishing up the WoT and staying “in voice” for it. It was not a huge jarring experience to go from Jordan to Sanderson. As for Sanderson on his own? I really like his stuff. He LIKES epic tomes, so that is what he tends to write. He has the ability to carry it off too. I’ve been hesitant to re-read his early works because they were like gold to me when he came on the writing scene, but at some point I need to, just to see how he has matured as a writer and how I have as a reader.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. […] to me, posts this last month. A History of…Journaling was fun to write. Closing in on the My Favorite Things posts with only 1 left to write. I’ve really enjoyed listing my favorite books each month […]


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