Surviving A Bad Book – The Space Vampires

the-space-vampires-1976_origAs I am currently updating my off-line book review database in Calibre, I come across some of the jewels that I’ve read over the years. Those books I try to include in my Some of my Favorite Things posts. Of course, there are times that I’ve come across some real pooper scooper books.

One such book that I read back in ’07 was The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson.  Sadly, since this was back in ’07, my review lacks somewhat in the verve and rip & gut that I find myself occasionally dabbling in these days. Kino also reviewed the book back in ’16. He wasn’t any more impressed than I had been.

I realize this isn’t an actual review even while I’m linking to an older review. But it amused me when I came across this and figured I could write something.  Now if you go to various social booksites and look at reviews, you’ll see how some people are praising this book. I think those people should be committed.

It was all about Sex is a Metaphor for Everything and Everything is Actually Sex. Goodness, I hate a lot of writings from the 70’s. Bloody Freud. And there was a movie but I’m not providing any links, as the few I saw convinced me it was softcore porn.

It didn’t help that I read the edition with the above cover. I felt very misled. Now, if I’d seen the covers below, I’d have had a better idea of just what I was getting into and maybe avoided it altogether.


I might have to go through my library and see what other 1 star or less atrocities I’ve read.  Sometimes it is good to be reminded of just what you’ve survived.



42 thoughts on “Surviving A Bad Book – The Space Vampires

  1. hahahaha the “space vampires”- I just know that’s gonna be bad. It reminds me of a rubbish film I once watched called Dracula 3000- although this actually sounds worse lol!

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  2. LOL talking about vampire right ? KILL THEM ALL. The end 😂😂

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  3. HCNewton says:

    Oh, wow. That was a misleading cover (judging by the other, anyway).

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  4. Oh my. It’s like…it’s like, you just know it’s going to be so bad that it’s actually good. Maybe that’s where the reviewers praising it are coming from. It’s like my husband who looks for hilariously bad movies on Netflix to watch for fun, just to laugh at how terrible they are and have a good time.

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  5. *OUCH*
    I remember seeing a few snippets of the movie while surfing through channels, and it was as bad as you describe the book. Do you perhaps need some brain bleach to feel better? 😀 😀

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  6. Manuel Antao says:

    Ah, criticism.
    Alexander Pope said it all for me…

    ‘Tis as our judgments with our watches, none
    Is ever quite the same, but each believes his own.’

    Words to that effect…

    I kind of like scathing reviews, especially when they are short and to the point.

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  7. Ahahaha, so funny! When I read the start of your post I was thinking ‘Someone probably made a crappy B-movie out of it’ 😀 And there we go!

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  8. Oh wow 🙈 Def gonna give this one a skip. That first cover looks quite nice, but nope. Thank you

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  9. Softcore porn… Who would’ve thought hahahah I’d pay to get you to re-read and film your reactions. Some kind of live commentary for this gem. 😀

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