Memories of Ice – 100% Update

memoriesofice So I am now done.  Hoping to do the actual review tomorrow, so this is more of a what happened in this section.

The Malazan’s make it to Coral, begin the attack early and are not supported by the rest of the alliance. Which is all due to Kallor’s advice, who has secretly allied himself with the broken god. He also tries to kill Silverfox but is prevented by Whiskeyjack and the two guards, all of whom die. Yep, Whiskeyjack dies. So he’s now out of the picture.

Big battle, LOTS of dying and eventual victory over the Pannion Domin. But he’s not really a bad guy. Just a poor jaghut kid who got “hard used” by a nasty T’lan Imass a bajillion years ago. So he gets a second chance along with his little sister and they start freezing the goddess Burn to slow the infection introduced by the broken god.  Everybody lives happily ever after in fields of daisies and buttercups.

It felt like a lot of the characters were spoiled rich kids. Even an old man like Whiskeyjack. Who’s getting it on with a 14,000 year old unhuman woman. Nobody actually talks about what they are going through, they just talk about it to us the readers and honestly, it was repetitive drivel from an emo 16 year old.

When the storyline, whichever one, actually progressed, Erikson is awesome. The scope, the twistiness, the writing itself, is all great. But once Erikson starts using his characters as mouthpieces it lost me.  I think I’m going to have to either wait longer between these books or read several books between sections as I read these. Existentialism is a philosophy of utter despair and I find that I am very sensitive to issues of hope and despair, more so than I would like.

Cheers!This typifies the Malazan experience. Camaraderie and light heartedness while off on the side are the stacks of the dead, both friend and foe. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die. Ugh…


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7 thoughts on “Memories of Ice – 100% Update

  1. Great job, you’re making fantastic progress. Next! 🙂

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  2. Wow, i wish i was already done as well haha, but i am not that into the whole story at the moment :-/ i know what you mean… there’s so much philosophy and not as much action as I remember hmm. When it gets going its great, but then you have those boring parts…

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  3. While there always seemed to be something quite heavy about this universe, it still sounds like such an epic world with epic characters and an epic story. Looking forward to diving into it in the near future.

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