June ’17 Roundup & Ramblings


This was a good month. 16 books read. Approximately 4660 pages read. That number is a bit fuzzy since I DNF’d Cronin’s City of Mirrors and didn’t keep a true total of what I’d read of it. Down a bit from last month, but given that I started a Memories of Ice Readalong that took up most of this last week in June. That’ll probably push next month’s numbers up a bit.

Speaking of DNF’s. That was the only 1 Star book for this month. Everything else was at least 3 Stars.  Song for the Basilisk was my top book for the month at 5 Stars. My average came out to 3.5. I’m kind of getting spoiled with all these above 3star average months.

I did my first movie review. I’ve talked about movies in general, but never really sat down and wrote a specific post about a specific movie. While I enjoyed John Wick: Chapter 2 I doubt I’ll be doing too many more movie reviews. Why watch a movie when I could be reading!?! But now that I’ve done one, if I am really jonesing to write, I can always pop something in the player and type away.

A bit has happened outside of direct book related stuff. I bought myself a new Oasis. Still loving it (thankfully). Implemented a little bit of Anti-Spam Protection to ward off the bots. And you know what? Those pesky bots are still showing up once a week or so now. It used to be every day though, so I’m pretty happy.

This month I also realized that vloggers just don’t do it for me. So I went through and unfollowed a couple of bloggers who are, or seem to be, more vested in the video side of things.  I need the written word. And that led me to following some new people, so July will tell how that works out. As much as I would love to have a static group of about 70’ish people to follow, I realize that life just doesn’t work that way. I tend to slough people off if they haven’t posted in a month or two without some sort of explanation. So my experience is one of very slow churn.

Cover love this month was really difficult. I’d already done the extended picture of Song for the Basilisk in its review.  I ended up undecided between Blood of Aenarion and the US version of Brass Man.


blood-of-aenarionYep, that screams Epic Fantasy to me in tones that soothes my soul.


9780330521376Something about the color scheme, that desert brown and searing gold sunniness , really works for me


Trust you all have a great July. I will see you around. Bookstooge out.




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15 thoughts on “June ’17 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. Wow, 16! And so lucky with them as well. Apart from cronin 😀 did you look up the ending yet or do you want me to tell you?

    I feel the same about ‘vlogs’ – I tried watching a little but what I saw was really awkward and I will stick to reading, much better and I don’t have to cringe xD I am sure there are some good ones around but I haven’t found them yet and prefer reading blogs anyways

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    • Bookstooge says:

      re: Cronin. I didn’t bother even looking at the end, so fire away!

      “prefer reading blogs anyway”. Yep, me too…

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      • Ok, so the short version 😀
        Amy, Peter, Alicia and Michael go after Zero (Tim Fanning) and kill him eventually. Peter is turned into a viral but his love for Amy keeps him from killing her. After the fight he follows her around until he dies as well. Alicia commits suicide. Michael goes travelling. He fixed a massive ship before, that brought all survivors to an island where they are finally safe.
        The epilogue of the book takes place about 1000 years later, in Australia where one of Caleb Jaxon’s descendants has visions and flies to America where he finds a super old Amy who starts telling him her story. And with this humans finally return to Murica and make it great again 😉 The End!

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  2. Damn, 16 books! Looks like you had a great month 😁 I hope July will be just as good

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  3. Manuel Antao says:

    16 books…Those were the days when I was able to gobble up books as if there was no tomorrow…

    While I can binge on online content, mainly news and long format blog posts on computer science, I never fail to find the deeper exploration of humanity in novels much more nourishing and, ultimately, insightful – even useful in facing the chaos and sheer madness of reality. You plumb the depths of humanity in a good novel, you barely scratch the surface online.

    I love SF for this reason. So many of SF readers, in a round about way, can be divided into two camps. Those that are ‘alive’ (aware, inquisitive, listen and contribute) and those who are simply ‘dead already’ (not interested, angry, closed off). This sticks with me and has helped me in getting through every day life, in some way or other. You also belong to the first camp.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      16 books because of 0 kids 😉

      And for online, I don’t know how much time I end up spending here on WordPress reading peoples blogs. I’ve come to realize that this is my connection to humanity.

      In regards to the SF Camps, I blame that squarely on God 😀 Since I know I am not the ultimate captain of my soul, it behooves me to find out about the One who is. Even in the “enjoyments” of life. Learning doesn’t have to be all about sitting in cubicle or writing lengthy dissertations….

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  4. Haha, you make me feel too lenient, I regularly give out 3-4 stars and I think they actually make up most of my ratings, though on the other hand I’m very stingy with my 5 stars. Glad I haven’t had to dish out any 1 stars yet this year so far though, but for that a book would have to be REALLY bad…

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I used to not rate my dnf’s but then I realized that any book I couldn’t finish, for whatever reason, really fit my definition for a 1 star. So now they get the 1star Axe.


  5. I really enjoyed your movie review, so I’d be well up to reading another one! Ah yes I get that- I used to be into watching Booktube, but to be perfectly honest I never really got into the books they were peddling, cos I couldn’t fully trust their reviews (partly cos of never having talked to them or maybe just cos they give everything 5*)… which I realise now is a pretty random point 😉

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  6. 16 freaking books in a month. Do you ever celebrate these moments? 😀 Wish I could read that many books in a month. It sounds like you had a great month though, so here’s hoping the months to come will continue on the same path! Oh, and I’d definitely love to hear your thoughts on movies whenever you feel like it though.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      When I hit 25+ then I celebrate. But 10-20 is the norm for me.

      I’ve been thinking about watching, and writing about, Titan A.E. I loved the first couple of times I watched it, and it has been several years since I last watched it, so it’s time to see if it holds up 🙂

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