Shadow’s Edge: A Small Selection


They closed on the young man, every one of them—even his brother—and began beating him.

It would have been faster if Garoth had let the squad wear gauntlets or use the butts of spears or the flat of blades, but he thought it was better this way. When the blood began flowing and spraying off flesh as it was pummeled, it shouldn’t get on the squad’s clothing. It should get on their skin. Let them feel the warmth of the young man’s blood as he died. Let them know the cost of cowardice. Khalidorans did not flee.

The squad attacked with gusto. The circle closed and screams rose. There was something intimate about naked meat slapping naked meat. The young man disappeared and all that could be seen was elbows rising and disappearing with every punch and feet being drawn back for new kicks. And moments later, blood. With the short straw, the young man had become their weakness. It was Khali’s decree. He was no longer brother or friend, he was all they had done wrong.

In two minutes, the young man was dead.

Shadow’s Edge, Page 14 by Brent Weeks


As much as I may talk a macho manly game, filled with violence and threats of ultimate destruction, the truth is that passages like the above still disturb me greatly.  I like Brent Weeks’ work, but between him and Neal Asher sometimes I wonder if I’m searing my conscience. Then I dive right back in and keep on reading.




14 thoughts on “Shadow’s Edge: A Small Selection

  1. I love dark. Though I notice it’s gotten even more intense in fantasy in recent years. Couple books I read lately made passages like this seem tame :S I dive right back in too, though every once in a while I’ll throw in some YA or UF to cleanse the palate with something fluffy and fun.

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  2. “Disturbing” is indeed the understatement of the century! And yet I understand how it might be possible to go back to the story: because I don’t think I detect any morbid fascination from the author in describing this carnage. He’s almost… clinical about it, and he shows us the reality of the cruelty that humans often visit on each other…

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  3. I know what you mean! I harbor some sort of fascination with things the disturbing. But I think it is that raw, brazen truth. I admire the courage it takes on an author’s part to tap into that. Although, I admit it is not always necessary. Yet I always come back for me.

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  4. That’s brutal… Although I do have to admit that when its well-written, I crave for more too. It doesn’t mean.. we… need help.. does it? 😀

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  5. Tyson Adams says:

    I can’t remember if it is the second or third book where Weeks has Kylar tortured to death on the wheel. That was brutal as well. But I really enjoyed the trilogy.

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  6. […] through this in 2 days, or just a little less really. I started Friday evening (hence my post A Small Selection) and was done by 10am Sunday morning. It was not a “I have to get through this, so man up, […]


  7. We’re a bit desensitized, aren’t we?

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