Searching for Dragons (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles #2) ★★★★☆

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Title:         Searching for Dragons
Series:      The Enchanted Forest Chronicles #2
Author:     Patricia Wrede
Rating:      4 of 5 Stars
Genre:      Fantasy, Middle-grade
Pages:      276
Format:    Digital Edition



Mendanbar, King of the Enchanted Forest, runs across some wizards who seem to not be quite on the up and up. In his investigation, he comes into contact with Cimorene. Kazul is missing and they both end up going to look for her. Kazul is being held captive by the wizards and it is up to Mendanbar, Cimorene, Morwen the witch, Gipsy Jack and the magician Telemain to free her, vanquish the wizards, restore the deadzones in the Magic Forest, and plan a wedding.

Because when a King meets a Princess and both are rather unconventional, of course they get married! Duh…


My Thoughts:

This story was from Mendenbar’s view, as opposed to Cimorenes. It wasn’t quite as quirky and the tone was the same, so it didn’t have that “newness” factor. I enjoyed my time but whereas Cimorene took charge and kicked butt in the first book, Mendanbar is much more of a passive character, at least in his attitude. Don’t get me wrong, he’ll kill rock snakes and fight wizards with the best of them, but he just seems to exude “That’s nice. Next?” The adventure happened TO him. He didn’t take it by the throat and throttle it into submission.

When I originally read this back in ’06, I read the whole tetralogy at once and I think that gives a very different flavor than reading these individually a month or 2 apart.

Book 1, Dealing with Dragons, charmed me completely. This just kept me entertained.



  1. Dealing with Dragons

4 thoughts on “Searching for Dragons (The Enchanted Forest Chronicles #2) ★★★★☆

  1. I am disappointed to hear it’s not from Cimorene’s perspective anymore.. but at least she’s still there. And other characters from book 1 are around as well!

    I’ll read the book soon, loved part 1!

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  2. That “newness” factor is always so scary for sequels.. At least you were entertained by this one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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