Don Quixote: Part II: Chapters 9-13


Up to page 568

Italics are what I penciled in the margins

The block quotes are quotes from the book.

Everything else are just my thoughts as I’m typing along here




Chapter 9

In which Sancho admits that he never met the Lady Dulcinea or delivered Quixote’s letters to her and Quixote refuses to believe him.


‘Then lead on yourself, sir,’ answered Sancho:

Sancho’s got some fire in his belly!


Chapter 10

In which Sancho fools Quixote into thinking some random wench is Dulcinea


…because herein Don Quixote’s madness exceeds all bounds, and rises to the utmost pitch, even two bow shots beyond the greatest extravagance;

How is that even possible? What can he do to be any nuttier than in previous escapades?


…that among lovers, the external actions and gesture, when their loves are the subject, are most certain couriers; and bring infallible tidings of what passes in the inmost recesses of the soul.

That does it! Mrs Bookstooge is going to stand on one foot from now on whenever she talks about me, to show how much she loves me. Pure genius!


‘…they come mounted upon three pie-bellied belfreys…’

‘Palfreys, you would say, Sancho,’ quoth Don Quixote

‘There is no great difference, I think,’ answered Sancho, ‘between belfries and palfreys:’

Oh my goodness. This is why education is important and things like “ebonics” are an execration upon the face of Language. And don’t even get me started on ‘leet speek’!


Chapter 11

In which the duo meet some players and have their peace disturbed


“To you it belongs, Sancho, to revenge the affront offered to your Dapple; and I from hence will encourage and assist you with my voice, and with salutary instructions.”

I guess the “managerial spirit” existed in the 1600’s. Every Target manager and exec should read Quixote, to see how it Shouldn’t Be Done. Might make them not appear so ass-like and out of touch with reality


Chapter 12

In which they meet another Knight Errant in love and his squire


‘…for men have received divers wholesome instructions, and many lessons of importance, from beasts;…the vomit and gratitude from dogs…’

Eating lunch here!


Chapter 13

In which the 2 Squires blab and compare notes on their Masters


‘Really and truly, Senor Squire,’ answered he of the Wood, ‘I have resolved and determined with myself to quit the frolics of these knights-errant,…’

Best decision EVAH!


‘And, pray, what may be the age of the young lady you are breeding up for a countess?’ demanded he of the Wood.

‘Fifteen years, or thereabouts,’ answered Sancho: ‘but she is as tall as a lance, as fresh as an April morning, and as strong as a porter.’

‘These are qualifications,’ said he of the Woods, ‘not only for a countess, but for a nymph of the green grove. Ah, the whoreson young slut! how buxom must the jade be!”

What? Is he TRYING to pick a fight with Sancho?


‘… for they who seek adventures, do not always meet with good ones.’

My motto exactly! There will be no Adventures in my household!



Apparently, Sancho’s daughter was big into eyeshadow! Who knew?

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2 thoughts on “Don Quixote: Part II: Chapters 9-13

  1. HAHA Omg that eyeshadow reference part πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I read this novel a long time ago and I still remember how it was hilarious and sad at the same time

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