♪Some of My FAVORITE Things♪ (Part 3)

The idea for this series of posts was inspired by Lashaan at Bookidote. He asked what some of my favorite books were during my initial start of my Malazan Journey.  That got me thinking, as I do have a “favorite” tag that I use in Calibre. So I did some exhaustive investigating [typing in “favorite” and hitting enter in Calibre is a real workout!] and out of the roughly 2900 books that I’ve read since 2000, there are around 300 that earned the Favorite moniker. There are a bunch of Favorites that are duplicates, as I’ve obviously re-read some of my Favorites time and time again.

However, listing 300+ books all in one post seemed like information overload. Therefore I have decided to do a much smaller list each month until the end of the year. You will get to see what I like in manageable doses and I get “thought free” posts  😀  Win-Win all around. I’m simply listing them Alphabetical by Author with just a word or four attached.


Dave Duncan

Sky Swords
The Gilded Chain
Lord of the Fire Lands

These were the original King’s Blades books and quite the tale they were. Considering that the  story is circular due to some funky time stuff, I am looking forward to re-reading these at some point in the future


David Drake

Lord of the Isles

I actually enjoyed the whole Lord of the Isles series and not just the first book, but didn’t feel like listing all 9 books. If you like the first book, you’ll like the the rest of the series, as Drake pretty much cut-n-pastes for all 9 books. Magic and violence in a fantasy setting.


David Eddings

Enchanters’ End Game
Magician’s Gambit
Castle of Wizardry
Queen of Sorcery
Pawn of Prophecy

I came to the Belgariad in highschool and have loved it ever since. In theory, I love his Elenium (Diamond Throne, Ruby Knight & Sapphire Rose) more, because it deals with one knight, but in all honesty, it doesn’t hold up as well. Still good, just not as good.


DC Comics/Dan Jurgens

Return of Superman
World Without a Superman
Death of Superman
Superman/Doomsday Hunter/Prey

This whole story arc in the comics world is what cemented my love for Supes. It also etched into my mind that Superman looked like this. He’s a man who has gone through a lot, he’s not some boy [I’m looking at you New52 Superman] fresh faced and off the farm.




Dennis Schmidt


I ran across Way-Farer when I was in middle school. I thought it was a standalone story for over a decade until I went on a road trip to Newfoundland and in a little used bookstore ran across the sequel. Turns out there were 4 books in total. Sadly, while I enjoyed the rest, they just didn’t have the magic of the first. But swords and zen in a science fiction setting? Yes please.


Don Pendleton

Tennessee Smash
Acapulco Rampage

Pendleton originally penned 37 novels about a vietnam vet who returned to the United States to hunt down the mafia who had killed his family. The series was called Mack Bolan: The Executioner. It is pretty pulpy 60’s, 70’s and 80’s stuff but these 2 stood out. The series did continue, but under various ghost author’s names.


Edward Roe

His Sombre Rivals

Published in 1883, this book was one of the finalists for my Best Book of 2015.  A story of loyalty, friendship, unrequited love and honor, I couldn’t have asked for a better story.


Evan Currie

Heirs of Empire
An Empire Asunder

Currie has written a bunch, but this series, The Scourwind Legacy, is probably his best to date. One of those Indie’s who has proved me wrong and I’m glad of that. Space Opera and super soldiers.


Frank Herbert

Dune Messiah
Children of Dune
God Emperor of Dune

What can I say? I am going to be re-reading the Dune Chronicles this year. It is epic in scope and time and scale. Dune is probably one of the finest books I’ll ever read.


George MacDonald

The Princess and the Goblins
The Princess and Curdie

The Princess and Curdie was the first book I owned as a child that was in hardcover. I bought it in 2nd grade and it has not left my side yet. A great children’s duology.



So there is March’s Favorites. Life is going to be busy for the rest of the month [car stuff, etc] so I suspect my posting schedule will be rather erratic at best.




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23 thoughts on “♪Some of My FAVORITE Things♪ (Part 3)

  1. BrokenTune says:

    Good luck with the car stuff etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bookwraiths says:

    Lots of books on here that I really need to read. And I agree about Supes, the Jurgens run was the best. This new version of Superman as just too fresh faced and naive for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I need to reread the King’s Blades series. I remember it so fondly from my youth.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Christy Luis says:

    Yay, George MacDonald! Good guy. I loved his book Phantastes (and some essays he wrote, I think, though I don’t remember what they were), but I haven’t read the duology you mentioned, yet. Good list!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bookstooge says:

      I thought for sure that I had read Phantastes, but looking at my shelves, it is not there. I have read Lilith, so I might be getting those mixed up.
      I guess I know of one book that is definitely going on the TBR right now…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Awesome! I love George MacDonald’s books. They are so unique!

    Sigh! I know what a busy life is like. Leisure time ….. I hardly know the meaning of the word anymore. And I’m already 7 books behind in my very lax reading schedule. I really need to pick up the pace!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bookstooge says:

      Pick up the pace, or change your reading goal. I had put 200 books this year as my goal but am seriously thinking of downgrading it to 150. A bunch of these re-reads are pretty big so my pace is really slowing down. I can make up the numbers by reading individual comics, but that just feels “wrong”, you know?


  6. Wow 2900 books!? That deserves some *applause*!!! Awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. And this is how my TBR continues to grow exponentially. 😀 Got to admit the difference between this Supez and the one in New 52 or Rebirth sure as hell don’t look alike hahahaha Good luck re-learning to drive stick. It always blows my mind how people do it today.

    – Lashaan

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