United States of Japan ★★☆☆☆


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Title:        United States of Japan
Series:     ———
Author:   Peter Tieryas
Rating:    2 of 5 Stars
Genre:     Alt-History
Pages:      400
Format:   Digital Edition



Japan and Germany win War World II. Japan takes over the West Coast of America and completely destroy all American culture and replace it with their own. Having the upper hand in technology, the Japanese establish the United States of Japan.

Now in 1988, one man…

Is Fighting Back. With Giant Robots, Nukes and Robo-swords. He is the technological Wizard and is going to restore the American Ideal of Freedom!

Ha. Fooled you. This is some piece of crap about a coward and a disgraced Secret Police woman fighting a little bit before being killed or seriously wounded. Not going to lie.


My Thoughts:

The best thing about this book was the cover. That is one awesome cover. Beyond that, this was Alternate History from the view of the little people [ie, the people without a lot of power to actually affect things]. If you like that sort of crap, then this book is definitely tailor made for you.

For those of us who are not enamored of fake history, who went in thinking that there would be giant robots fighting all over and cool and awesome rebel battles, this was beyond a disappointment. Replace the cover with some grimy war victims in a bombed out city and you’ll have a better representation.

I am not a fan of reading REAL history. So why should I WASTE my time with FAKE history? I just figured that the description was trying to rope in the literati and that the author would actually give me a kick butt action story. No such luck. At least I now know not to try any more by Tieryas.

From a purely technical standpoint, my only gripe was the word choices and phrasing employed by the author. It kept throwing me out of the story. Only use a little known or little used word if it fits better than the common word usually employed. And by fits better, I’m talking “ochre” versus “orange” versus “cinnamon” kind of difference. Not “orbulianicus” instead of “round”.

What a bloody waste of my time. I hate Alt-History. So take my venting with a gigantic grain of salt.



22 thoughts on “United States of Japan ★★☆☆☆

    1. I really should have paid more attention to that “the spiritual successor to..” but I figured he was just blowing smoke out of his backside to make himself seem important.


  1. Is the second star purely for the cover? Did the woman die or not? Is this a series, because what a lame cliffhanger is you don’t know.

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    1. Yes, the cover got it’s own star.
      There are 2 main characters, one a man, one a woman. One dies, the other is wounded and ends up in the hospital, and you don’t know their fate.
      Just a standalone, so far, that’s very open ended.

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  2. That cover does deserve its own star! It does seem to promise more of an action-thriller, though, than what your review describes. I like the idea of this alternate history, but I don’t like depressing…hm. 🤔

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  3. Haha yeah I rarely read real history, so alternative history would have to be pretty spectacular to get me interested. I have to say the point when I would have thrown the book at the wall would’ve been when they used “orbulianicus” instead of “round”. No- just no.

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