Don Quixote: Chapters 24-29


Up to page 274

Italics are what I penciled in the margins

The block quotes are quotes from the book.

Everything else are just my thoughts as I’m typing along here




Chapter 24

In which the madman Cardenio begins his tale of woe but Don Quixote interrupts and they fight about some imaginary lady’s honor.


Now as love in young men is, for the most part, nothing but appetite, and as pleasure is its ultimate end, it is terminated by enjoyment.

A lot of heart ache would be avoided in our world if more young men would control themselves and more young women would use their minds instead of their hearts.


Cardenio, being now mad, and hearing himself called liar and villain, with other such opprobrious words did not like the jest;…

…and when he had beaten and thrashed them all, he left them…

Fight, fight, fight!!!


Chapter 25

In which Don Quixote does “penance” in the mountains and writes a letter to his lady Dulcinea and Sancho just wants to leave and go home


…to desire me to bear your worship company through these solitudes, night and day, without suffering me to talk when I list, is to bury me alive.

I know that feeling!


And understand, with all your five senses, that whatever I have done, do, or shall do, is highly reasonable, and exactly conformable to the rules of chivalry, which I am better acquainted with than all the knights who have professed it in the world.

Most ridiculous thing Quixote has said so far in the entire book!


…a knight-errant who runs mad upon a just occasion deserves no thanks; but to do so without reason is the business,

Not a rational thought in Quixotes head. Aye…..


“Sovereign and high lady,

“the stabbed by the point of absence, and the pierced to the heart, O sweetest Dulcinea del Toboso, sends that health to you which he wants himself. If your beauty despises me, if your worth profits me nothing, and if your disdain still pursues me, though I am inured to suffering, I shall ill support an affliction, which is not only violent, but the more durable for being so. My good squire Sancho will give a full account, O ungrateful fair, and my beloved enemy, of the condition I am in for your sake. if it pleases you to relieve me, I am yours; and if not, do what seems good to you; for by my death, I shall at once satisfy your cruelty and my own passion.

“Yours until death,

“The Knight of the Sorrowful Figure”

What a load of nonsense. I’d expect it from a teenager, but not a mature man.


Chapter 26

Upon his journey to the Lady Dulcinea, Sancho meets Quixote’s friends, the priest and the barber and they all conspire to play along with Quixote to get him back home.


Sancho Panza immediately knew them, and resolved to conceal the place and circumstances in which he had left his master;

Why? He knows Quixote is nuts, so why cover for him?


Sancho Panza put his hand into his bosom, to take out the letter, but found it not;

…for it remained with Don Quixote, who had forgotten to give it him, and he to ask for it.

So know Sancho must “remember” the letter. Oh my, that isn’t going to be good for anyone.


Chapter 27

The rest of the madman Cardenio’s story.

…for, with all his folly and simplicity, the spark (Sancho) was somewhat covetous.

Ya think!? He’s following Quixote for the governship of an island for goodness sake.


Since each circumstance seems to me to deserve a long discourse;

Cardenio is a long winded blow hard who likes the sound of his own voice


Chapter 28

In which the Priest, the Barber and Sancho hear “the rest of the story” by Dorothea.


What your dress, madam, would conceal from us, your hair discovers;

I Corinthians 11:15  A woman’s glory…


Chapter 29

A fool, a mad man and a lady, all walk into a bar…


In which Dorothea with the rest of them, begin to try to lure Quixote back to his village


…as the priest was amazed at his simplicity…since he could persuade himself that Don Quixote would, at one time or other, come to be an emperor.

Sancho goes in and out of reality as badly as Quixote.



(Cardenio in a mad fit thrashing Quixote, Sancho and a shepherd)




3 thoughts on “Don Quixote: Chapters 24-29

  1. Matt Ries says:

    Chapters XXIII-XXIV–>So this is what happens when two men suffering from different forms of madness meet up with one another…

    Chapter XXV- When I read this chapter, a paraphrase of Catch-22 immediately popped into my head, “If you say you’re crazy then you obviously aren’t crazy.” So here is DQ saying he’s crazy and acting it out on purpose, which means he isn’t right? He’s obviously mad but if he admits it, he isn’t right?

    I’m so confused trying to rationalize 17th century Spanish cultural with mid-20th century culture.

    Looking at Cervantes’ parody of contemporary literary forms, I think Dorothea and Cardenio’s tales of nuptials done in private witnessed by saints as being more sacred to those done by The Church and without parents knowledge is a part of that. Obviously I haven’t read any other Spanish books from that time, but I’m confident that’s a part of it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was a little annoyed with Sancho ….. he’s supposed to be Quixote’s trusted sidekick, yet is happy to manipulate and trick him. More naive me …… Sancho keeps talking about his island, so it’s rather obvious that personal gain is probably all that he’s interested in.

    I’m falling behind with my reading as a bunch of personal responsibilities have fallen upon me. Sucks, huh? I’ll try to keep hobbling along.

    Liked by 1 person

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