Don Quixote: Chapters 13-20


Up to page 173. Reading more at work breaks now that it isn’t raining every other day.

Italics are what I penciled in the margins

The block quotes are quotes from the book.

Everything else are just my thoughts as I’m typing along here

I suspect that most of these updates will be this long from  now on, as I intend to only update once a week.



Chapter 13

‘Although mine be of the Cachopines of Laredo,’ replied the traveller, ‘I dare not compare it with the that of Toboso de la Mancha; though, to say the truth, no such appellation hath ever reached my ears until now’

Baiting Quixote, mercilessly

The whole chapter is about the burial of Chrysostom’s burial, he that died for “love”. What a phracking idiot. I suspect he and Quixote would have gotten along splendidly 😀


Chapter 14

Wherein is read Chrysostom’s song to Marcella and the reactions of the various funeral attendees.

Will I sit down, and brooding o’er my griefs,

Vow everlasting absence from her sight.

That would have made Marcella very happy!


‘And thou, my song, sad child of my despair,

Complain no more; but since my wretched fate

Improves her happier lot, who gave thee birth,

Be all thy sorrows buried in my tomb.’

Whole poem is self centered, all about Chrysostom and doesn’t take Marcella into account at all. Good thing he died, the wretch


Marcella comes upon the funeral and proclaims to those attending and to those who blame her for Chrysostom’s death.

And in return for the love you bear me, you pretend and insist that I am bound to love you.

Chrysostom was selfish indeed and beyond delusional


sure it it may well be said, that his own obstinacy, rather than my cruelty, killed him.

True, true!


I neither love nor hate anybody; I neither deceive this man, nor lay snares for that; I neither toy with one, nor divert myself with another…

My desires are bounded within the mountains..

Smart woman

The chapters dealing with the shepherdess have been an interlude about an obstinate man and a smart woman and have no bearing on Quixote at all.


Chapter 15

In which Quixote’s horse feels it oats, tries to get it on with some local mares and Quixote and Sancho suffer the consequences.

It is true, that at the second pale, they brought Sancho to the ground; and the same befell Don Quixote, neither his dexterity nor courage standing him in any stead;

Second serious beating so far and yet hasn’t learned a thing.

At the end of the chapter they are on their way to an inn. Don Quixote is loaded onto Rosinante like a sack of potatoes because he’s beaten so bad he can’t ride and Sancho isn’t any better. But all they do is argue about whether they should ride to an inn or camp out. What a pair of fools


Chapter 16

Mis-Adventures at the inn. Most hilarious chapter so far.

A merchant,  a whore, Quixote, Sancho and some Officer of the Law. What a combination for disaster. And a disaster it is.


Chapter 17

In which the miraculous balsam of healing is applied, with rather mixed results.

This done, he resolved immediately to make trial of the virtue of that precious balsam…

..and so he drank about a pint and a half…

..and scarcely had he done drinking , when he began to vomit so violently that nothing was left in his stomach.

and now it is Sancho’s turn

By this time the drench operated effectually, and the poor squire began to discharge at both ends with so much precipitation that mat…and the blanket…were never after fit for use

Gross, gross, just plain gross

Inns and Quixote just don’t mix well.


Chapter 18

Lots of talking

So that, in my poor opinion, the better and surer way would be to return to our village,…

An ounce of sense from Sancho and if Quixote had listened, the book would have ended right there 🙂


But Don Quixote affirmed with so much positiveness , that they were armies, that Sancho began to believe it…

You can convince someone of just about anything if they have doubts


But for all that, seeing in his imagination what he neither did, nor could see…

The essence of Quixote


…beholding his master’s extravagances, tearing his beard and cursing the unfortunate hour and moment that ever he knew him.

But he doesn’t leave him. The more fool Sancho. And that is the essence of Sancho Panza

And then after receiving some more beatings, they end up puking on each other. Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard. And you would think that they would go home now, but oh no, Onward it is!


Chapter 19

In which Quixote attacks a funeral procession at night

It is getting harder to find the humor. Quixote is hurting people and their livelihoods


Chapter 20

In which Quixote and Sancho stand guard all night because they hear giants.

And Sancho does “his duty” right next to Quixote in the dark.


I am continually tickled at just how earthy this novel is. Wrestling with whores, vomiting galore and now taking a dump. Cervantes knows what makes humans laugh, our weaknesses.






13 thoughts on “Don Quixote: Chapters 13-20

  1. Manuel Antao says:

    Man! These takes make me want to read it again…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bookstooge says:

      Going this slow and taking notes the way I have been is so totally different from how I normally read that I am thinking of making this a “thing”. Not for every book, but for one book after the other. Instead of scarfing down a bag of doritos [ie, 200 SFF novels in a year], I’m savoring a prime rib that takes me 3hrs to slowly eat.

      This is becoming an experience and one that I like 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey there – I think we have achieved .com and .org detente! 🙂 Glad to know I won’t miss out on Don Quixote.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. joelendil says:

    What translation are you reading? I read the old Tobias Smollett translation and am not sure how good it was. I occasionally caught jokes that the translation (and annotator) totally missed because I could guess what the original Spanish said and I can “fake” Spanish from knowing Portuguese. I’m half tempted to try reading it in Spanish. I made it through El Cid in Spanish with minimal difficulty, but I’m not sure if I want to try something as long as Quixote.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. hahaha wow that quote really is gross!!! I’m surprised just from that how earthy this novel is!!

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  5. Okay, this part was the first time Don Quixote made sense, or at least the most obvious time, in his defence of Marcella. In this case, the shepherds are made to look more crazy in their thinking than our loopy knight.

    I wonder if DQ gives us a different point of view of situations but uses hyperbole to do it. We all see life and situations differently and an exaggerated viewpoint helps us to examine the differences. Or am I grasping here? As with my first read, I find I can say, “that was hilarious” or “what a kook!”, but there isn’t anything of depth that I can see. At least, not yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Matt Ries says:

    Chapters XI-XIV–> When I read these chapters, I thought i was another subtle parody/critique of romances of the time put in by Cervantes that also shows Marcella acting like an adult while all the shepherds are still children. But as Cleo @ Classical Carousel says the shepherds are crazier in this instance than DQ, maybe Cervantes is playing one type of “crazy” off of another? Or I’m looking for depth where none exist.

    Chapter XV- I actually think its funny that DQ and Sancho follow Marcella to protect her from the unwanted advances of the shepherds, only for his own horse to make unwanted advances to group of fillies.

    Chapter XVI- I had to stop myself laughing out loud in the break room at work while reading this chapter.

    Chapters XVII-XX–> I wonder in this day and time how many times DQ has been challenged by easily offended parents and/or politicians (purely in the cause of protecting family values mind you) that might believe the incidents in these chapters aren’t appropriate to be in a school library?

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