October ’16 Roundup & Ramblings



This past month was the the most up and down that I’ve had for some time. Quite a few DNF’s and then on the other side of the spectrum I had several 4.5 or 5 stars read. So really, quality wise it all kind of evened out to my typical 3 star life πŸ™‚

Booklikes drove me as close as it ever has to making me leave. Weekends were consistently unusable and there was one whole week of the same. Things have smoothed out, but in that time I’ve begun preparations to be social over at WordPress. I’m sticking around here until the New Years [hence the Don Quixote buddy read] but if at least one staff member doesn’t return by then and start giving us signs of life, then I’ll be leaving. I’ve let a lot go, worked around things, put up with a site that didn’t work. I haven’t really drawn any lines in the sand, but the time has come for me to decide what I can or can’t deal with here at booklikes. So, a staff member needs to be appear, and stick around, by the end of the year. If that happens, I’ll keep on sticking around even if the site issues continue. But no staff and I’m gone, even if the site dramatically improves. Just so you all know what my thoughts and plans are. I’m not just going to up and disappear one day without a word.

I’m also cross posting everything at WordPress. So to you “new to me” WP peeps, thanks.Β  And sorry about dragging you through my Booklikes issues.

And since this has been more about Booklikes issues than about the books I’ve read, it is time to wrench this train back on the tracks. I’ll wrap this post up with my 2 favorite covers.

First one is Caliban. It just screams Space Opera and I LIKE Space Opera.




This second one, Vets Might Fly, appeals to me because of it’s simplicity. Very calming, just like the stories within.





I am looking forward to the Buddy Read of Don Quixote starting in 2 weeks. I plan on doing a Pre-Post about it tomorrow, so if it sounds like something you might like to be a part of, stay tuned.


15 thoughts on “October ’16 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. HCNewton says:

    agree with you about the Caliban’s War cover, man, I wish I had followed up after Leviathan Wakes back when there was only 1 other book in the series. Looking at that set now is just daunting.

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  2. Bookwraiths says:

    Sad to hear that Booklikes is still struggling. I really enjoyed my time over then, but when all the technical issues popped up months ago I found myself spending less and less time on there. Hope it straightens out soon.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I really doubt it will, sadly. The co-founders apparently had a year from hell [pregnancy, cancer, moving to another country all at once] and I just don’t see them giving any thought to the site until their lives are stabilized, and with cancer that could be quite some time…

      Oh well, just means another journey like from GR to booklikes 3 years ago. Just call me a son of Rechab I guess πŸ˜€


  3. I’ll have to look up what you thought of Stiletto – I loved that book. Probably as much as the first one. Both were good, but their strengths were in different areas.

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    • Bookstooge says:

      I LOVED Stiletto. I explain why in my little review. I don’t have any tags here at WP yet, but I do label all my reviews as the book title, so that might help?

      But I concur, it was a very different book, for me, than the Rook. I bought the Rook in hardcover and I’ll definitely be picking up Stiletto come Christmas/New Years time…


    • Bookstooge says:

      Oh yeah, Stiletto got my “Best book of the Year” tag, so it is in the running when I have to choose at the end of year…


  4. I’m so glad BL is running much more smoothly, although I’d love it if they’d stop sending notifications for discussion threads I’m not involved in!


  5. If you like space opera, the Expanse series is the best you can find in bookstores these days: I’m waiting with great impatience for Babylon’s Ashes and looking forward to the second season of the tv show. Looking forward to your thoughts on this one πŸ™‚

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