Bookstooge’s Star Ratings

Since Star Ratings can by mysterious beasts to some, I thought I would explain what each Star Rating means, roughly, to me.

Will be placing this post as a Page on my WordPress Blog Page.


5 Stars:

An Epic read that I will buy in hardcover and read again and again or a book that has profoundly changed my life.


4 Stars:

A book that I thoroughly enjoyed but am not sure I will read again. It ‘might’ not hold up to the Me I’ll be in 10 years.


3 Stars:

A completely average book that I enjoyed. Nothing really special but nothing bad to note either.

The majority of what I read falls into this category.


2 Stars:

Did not enjoy this book. It might have been grammar, editing or plot issues. It might also have been Religious and Philosophical in nature.


1 Star:

Crap. Probably could not finish. Most likely Blasphemous in one way or another. Could also be that the skillz of the writer were of a 3rd grade level.


Half Stars:

Whenever a book is a Strong or Weak X Star Book, I tend to go for the half stars. They make my life so much easier!



5 thoughts on “Bookstooge’s Star Ratings

  1. I wish major review sites like Goodreads and Amazon etc. did half stars. Yes, that would make life easier!

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  2. youandibooks says:

    Hey, Bookstooge. I worked out my rating system. The best that I have been able to compose is shown on my about section if you fancy a look. 🙂

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    • Bookstooge says:

      Thanks! That is a tremendous help, as it really quantifies how you rate stuff. That way I don’t meld my own rating system onto yours when reading your reviews.

      And you are MUCH more merciful when it comes to DNF’ing things. I’m usually 50pages or 10%.

      Since I can’t comment on the page, I want to make sure to say “thanks” here for taking the time to fully answer my question. I really appreciate it.


  3. […] I did a re-post of my About Me post a little bit ago, I figured it was probably time to re-post my Star Rating Explanation post as well. It’s also good for me to re-calibrate myself and make sure I’m not rating […]


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