Don Quixote – Buddy Read Starting November 15’ish

Posted this on Booklikes, where the Group is, but figured I’d put this out on WP as well, as I’ll be posting my updates here too.


Original Post:

Don Quixote - Roberto GonzΓ‘lez EchevarrΓ­a, John Rutherford, Miguel de Cervantes SaavedraI was going to do a Buddy Read with Cleo earlier this year but then my parents unexpectedly sold their house and moved and life just got a bit hard after that, so it was put off indefinitely.

I am feeling back on form and so asked Cleo if she was willing to give it a go and things are A Go. We’re going to start November 15th and take until the end of the year. Anyone who wants to join in is more than welcome. I’ll be starting a thread in the Buddy Read Group for anyone interested:

Don Quixote Buddy Read Discussion


No schedule, just update as you read or feel like it. There will probably be a tag, but not sure what yet.



2 thoughts on “Don Quixote – Buddy Read Starting November 15’ish

  1. pcbushi says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of this. I’ve wanted to read it for a few years now; just haven’t had the motivation and/or inclination to fit it in. Dang these old, super-long novels!

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