Bookstooge at

Plus, it WAS one giant ad site 😦

It took me until sometime this afternoon to really realize that I would end up being super frustrated at TheReadingRoom and I couldn’t go there. Sorry to drag you all through my time with that. All the comments on that post, oy vey! But because I’m a masochist and pig-headed, I couldn’t leave well enough alone and wait to recover. I had to immediately jump right back into the search. This time around I was checking out

I concentrated on book things this time around instead of checking out the people/social side of things. I was able to import most of my books, albeit without ratings, reviews or read dates. That actually isn’t a big deal for me now that I’ve got most of that in my Calibre library on my computer.


Book Editions


Tags [even though that I’m still figuring out]

Import books by various means

Shoutout Box on each members page. It’s a comment box, whoo!



Reviews have a distinct lack of formatting options. Bold and Italic is it I think?

NO HALF STARS. Please be aware of that. I’m pretty spoiled here.

I can’t find a Blog Option



I figured I’d better start this post instead of commenting even more on the TRR post. Thank you all for your patience as I wander afield here.


8 thoughts on “Bookstooge at

  1. Have you tried There is somewhat of a social aspect to it, if you choose to join the groups, and you can review, use half-stars. I have never really searched for a specific person on there, so I can’t speak to that aspect of it, but there IS a messaging system. I, personally, really like it for shelving books. I bought a lifetime account, because I was there for long enough and still liked it that I felt it was worth the small expense. But, a free account is awesome too, it just limits you to 200 books added, but it definitely gives you a taste of whether you like the site enough to buy in or not, because if I remember correctly, most or all of everything else is accessible on a free account.

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  2. Cheri says:

    Agreed on Anobii. So very limited. Going to play with LibraryThing again and see if I can’t get the hang of it.

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