Dark Rising (Alex Hunter #2)

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Title: Dark Rising

Series: Alex Hunter

Author: Greig Beck

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 303

Format: Kindle digital edition



An Iranian secret nuclear test group accidentally opens a black hole, which if controlled, would give Iran unlimited power. Since the President of Iran is an insane power monger who is convinced that he is the 12th Imam and he’ll use this technology to destroy the world, Alex Hunter and the HAWK’s are sent in.

Along with them are 2 Israeli’s. One a Super Mossad Agent, the other a genius who might be able to figure out how to shut down a black hole.

And when humanity looks into the void, of course, something is looking back!


My Thoughts:

This was a good action/thriller with just a touch of horror.

Hunter being experimented on and his existence being fought over was an eye opener. He might be a super-soldier, but enough scientists would rather carve him up. He’s certainly not living the dream.  Factor in that he and Aimee [lady from the last book] break up because of his rages and night terrors and you get a picture of a guy who almost literally lives to work.

The desert setting of Iran wasn’t as enjoyable as Antarctica, but I certainly liked the monster drawn forth from the blackhole. A giant, semi-intelligent, bed bug that eats people. How can you beat that? Make it faster and more dangerous than even Alex Hunter and you up the “tense” factor.

The earth being almost destroyed by a madman was pretty cool too. The old title of this book was The Return of the Prophet. It certainly makes sense and yet even I’m PC enough to understand why Beck changed it to a more innocuous sounding title.

Even though I rated this the same as the previous book, I enjoyed it more. Part of that was that Hunter is more of a main character instead of just a killing machine. Also, there was very little to no romance. Which after his little dustup with Aimee, seems only wise. Potential, but not actualized.

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