The Covenant of Genesis (Wilde and Chase #4)

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Title: The Covenant of Genesis

Series: Wilde and Chase

Author: Andy McDermott

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 594

Format: Kindle



Nina is kicked out the UN agency at the instigation of the President of the US because of her actions retarding his progress in the previous book.

At the same time she uncovers ancient artifacts that could drastically change what people think about the beginning of humanity.

And she runs afoul of a Super Secret, Super Powerful, organization called the Covenant of Genesis.

Without backing, without funding, Nina and Eddie must save the Garden of Eden.


My Thoughts:

This book is where I part ways with McDermott.

He pretty much pummels monotheistic religions and then once they’re down, stomps on their hands and ribs. With a few kicks in the balls for good measure.  I get enough of that in real life without having it be part of my entertainment.

I must also mention the violence. I have a very high tolerance for violence in books. But this got the ultra-violence tag and really should have had an “ultra ultra ultra violence” tag. Pirates attack Nina and Eddie and it is brutal. Heads cut off, spearings, guts, etc, etc. Then Eddie hunts the pirates down and offs them all, once again graphically. I noticed this before the religious ball stomping began by the way.


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