Batman versus Predator (Batman versus Predator #1)

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Title: Batman versus Predator

Series: Batman versus Predator

Author/Artist: Dave Gibbons, Andy & Adam Kubert

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Graphic Novel/Comic

Pages: 128

Format: Digital scan



A Predator comes to Gotham and starts hunting the top dogs. Batman gets involved and it comes down to a brutal finish between a wounded Batman and a wounded Predator.


My Thoughts:

I own this in paper. I bought the collected edition when it came out in the 90’s and my teen self was amazed at how amazing amazingly amazing this was. What could be more amazing than Batman, in amazing bat armor,  fighting an amazing predator?

Yeah, that is a lot of amazeballz there.

Reading this now, it is a solid, if a bit short, story.  There is actually very little of Batman fighting the Predator, more like skirmishes while the Predator kills off various Gotham elites. Thankfully, right at the end, there is a scene where Batman takes a baseball bat to the Predator. I think that scene alone would make this book worthwhile.

I am not sure I’ll ever be reading this again though. It had sat on my bookshelves, lo these long years, and I hadn’t even thought of it until I read that silly book, Archie versus the Predator. That was just so much fun that I had to dig these out [there are 3 graphic novels in this series, even though each is a standalone story if I remember correctly] and see how they’ve fared over time.

I was planning on reading all 3 in a row and then review them right after the other but after this one I think I’ll let it rest for a week or so before trying the second.


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