Superman: Kal (Elseworlds) (Graphic Novel)

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Title: Superman: Kal
Series: Elseworlds
Author: Dave Gibbons
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Graphic Novel
Pages: 62
Format: Paper



This tale gives a historical twist to the familiar Superman origin and setting, as the rocket carrying the infant Kal-El lands in medieval England. The regular cast appear as Dark Ages counterparts – Loisse, Jamie and the evil Baron Luther.


My Thoughts:

What a difference 20 years makes. I bought, and read, this when it came out in ’95’ish. The idea of a medieval Superman was almost more than my teenage soul could handle.

And I can remember the crushing disappointment that this was to me. The Kents’ being such caricatures, Lois being beaten to death by Luthor on her wedding night, Kal dying. The Arthurian Legend tie-in.  It was more than I could handle and I hated it.

So imagine my surprise when I read this this afternoon and I found it to be a pretty good story. Having 14 more pages than Speeding Bullets helped the overall story, as did that they weren’t telling 2 origin stories. I just enjoyed this alternate “look” at Superman. Can’t say that this was top quality work, in story or artwork, but I was just looking for a quick read between the novels I was reading and this fit perfectly.

Glad my reread actually bumped this up this time around.

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