Superman: Speeding Bullets (Elseworlds) (Graphic Novel)

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Title: Superman: Speeding Bullets
Series: Elseworlds
Author: J.M. DeMatteis
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Graphic Novel
Pages: 48
Format: Paper and scan



What would have happened if the infant Superman had been found by the Waynes of Gotham City instead of the Kents of Kansas? That’s the question this graphic novel examines, as the child from another planet witnesses the death of his parents at the hands of a Gotham mugger and grows up to become a bat-caped avenger of the night.


My Thoughts:

I have always enjoyed the Elseworlds books, long or short, as they give us a new perspective on something we already know all about. It was pretty much DC’s answer to Marvel’s line of What If? comics.

Technical stuff first. I read this on my new tablet first, an 8inch asus zenpad something something something. It is a 4×3 format, so it was much better suited to reading comics on that my older nexus. I had no problems reading the text or seeing any of the comic panels. There were a couple of panels that looked hideously pixelated; however, upon reading my paper copy, it was the same there so I’m guessing it was some sort of artistic “thing”.

When I reread this immediately after with my paper copy, I have to admit I found it a little big. But no real noticeable difference, for which I was glad.

The story and idea. Combining Superman and Batman into one character and bringing both those worlds together [Lex Joker anyone?] was pure genius. It was fun to see worked out.

However, at only 48 pages, this was jam packed, compressed and generally just an overview. That really made the story suffer.  Big important things happen in 1, maybe 2 pages. It felt rushed, which it was. The idea was big enough to put into a 300page graphic novel.

This is probably one of the better, short, Superman, Elseworld comics out there however.

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