The Ruling Sea (The Chathrand Voyage #2)

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Title: The Ruling Sea
Series: The Chathrand Voyage
Author: Robert Redick
Rating: 3  of 5 Battle Axes
Genre: SFF
Pages: 641
Format: Kindle



The Wolf group make the final sacrifice to stop the marriage and the false prophecy.

Only to fail beyond belief.

Now they must continue the battle, on the Chathrand. The Chathrand is on a voyage but their destination won’t be quite what anybody planned.


My Thoughts:

This was sad and depressing and not in a good way. The Wolf group fall from one barely contained catastrophe into another. They don’t have chance to get ahead, to plan, to figure out just what is going on. They are strictly reactive.

This was like watching someone being pushed down a long staircase and then applauding because they didn’t break their neck.

I thought about stopping this book, this series. However, I am going to try the next book but will be ready to DNF it quick as a wink


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