Measures of Absolution (Frontlines #1.2) (Novella)

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Title: Measures of Absolution
Series: Frontlines
Author: Marko Kloos
Rating:  3 of 5 Battle Axes
Genre: SFF
Pages: 63
Format: Kindle



A novella about one of Andrew Grayson’s squadmates that survived the Detroit debacle. Only to be sucked back into  the “policing action” against another welfare riot.

And we find out that maybe those rioting are being led by those who have been washed out of the military, “unfit” for duty because they refuse to fire on NAC civilians.


My Thoughts:

This turned everything onto its head for me. We find out just how underhanded the political and military leaders of the NAC [North American Confederacy] are being. How the TA are being used as civilian police. How bad things REALLY are on earth.

And that former soldiers might just be the patriots that a confederation needs.

I liked this.


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