2015 in Book Review

I read 183 books. Below is a picture encapsulating the year in little tiny pictures.





And then, because I like stats, a picture graph representing each month.





62672 pages read. That makes my average book 342 pages long. When I first saw that average I was kind of wondering if I had been slacking, as I knocked off some rather large books this year. Then I realized that I also read a ton of Mack Bolan: The Executioner books and those average around 150 or less, so that explained it.

The page number is suspect because of the database here at Booklikes not exactly being in top form. I was able to edit most of my books since I was a librarian for a good bit of the year and then once I wasn’t, other librarians have done an excellent job of turning about those edit requests, so I’m pretty sure of that number but wouldn’t hold it hard.




And now on to more Booklikes specific things, since that is where I am at these days.

Been here just over 2 years. Complaints are pretty much the same as ever [ie, the horrible way the Re-blog function works here] and the Praises are pretty much the same [no censorship!!!].


One thing this year has shown me is that I am not a “group” person. My interactions tend to be one on one for specific posts. I have found that I react 1 of 2 ways in a group. I either get overwhelmed and leave, or I feel like I am the only one there, hence unappreciated, and leave. So to avoid frustration, and then lashing out at some poor schlub who has no idea what is going on, I stay away from the groups. Even the ones I like, like the Classic Clubs and Follow a Bookliker one.



One bug, the Likes&Attributions bug, has not been fixed. Since I reported it twice, it has occurred in my notifications on 4 separate occasions in December alone. That led me to not put up my reviews here at Booklikes since the end of November and simply put a couple of sentences in a 100% update as a mini review. I’ve got almost 30 drafts of reviews saved. Not a big fan of that, so I need to do something else for 2016 because that is a bug that does affect me and I need to respond somehow. I will be posting those reviews today and I apologize ahead of time if they’re all timed for “now” and flood your feed.

I was talking with Musings about this because he does a partial review and then a link to his blog, because of the Reblog issue. My reviews aren’t long enough to do that [my average is under 300 words, and that includes the little GPL schpeil and info about the book] but I liked the idea. I do have a facebook group where I post my reviews and I just put up a 1 sentence teaser for my review and then the link so if someone likes my sentence or wants to see more about the book, all they have to do is click.

I think I will be doing that here at Booklikes until the aforementioned bug is gone. I just don’t know what else to do. I can’t ignore it, like I can the reblog issue, because the bug does affect me on a week to week basis.




Thankfully, that sentence doesn’t apply this year. I had a tremendously good year overall, even with one month being a total stinker where I hated almost everything I read [I believe it was August, btw].


Three books stood out this year as Potential Number One Book of 2015


1) His Sombre Rivals by Edward Payson Roe


2) The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher


3) Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes


Honestly, looking at things, I think that His Sombre Rivals and Flowers for Algernon are tied for Number One. They both just stood out above everything else.

And that is why 2015 was an unqualified success for me. How can it not be a good year when you can’t even choose between TWO books for Best Book of the Year?




In the beginning of December, I wrote about Goals for 2016. Upon reflection, this year I am going to set some very easy goals for me that I’m sure I can accomplish.


1) Read 150 Books in 2016


2) Read 2 Non-fiction books.


3) Re-read 1 book each month that I want to.


1 shouldn’t be a problem unless life throws me a drastic curve, in which case reading a certain number of books will be last on my list of “Things I Care About”.

2 is because Nothing Better inspired me with her goals for non-fiction. Of course, she went off the rails and was talking crazy huge numbers, like 1 non-fiction a MONTH but since my goal for the last couple of years has been 1 a year, I figure I can double that without to much of a hassle.

3 is because I was contemplating a Re-Read Year but that just wasn’t feasible. Too many new books coming out that I want to read and the real possibility of hating a book that I used to love. I’ve got some books though that I KNOW I’ll love so I’ll just stick to them, even if it is my 4th or 5th time with them 🙂





Ha. My continuing People escapades continue just like they did in 2014 and I suspect they will be the same in 2016. So don’t take it personally if I stop following you because 3 gets you 5 that I’ll re-follow you in a couple of months.

In Ending. Read all the Books in 2016 . Even the ones I’ll trash you for for reading. Because Reading isn’t about what I think of the book you read but about what you think of the book you read.


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