December ’15 Roundup


I’ll be doing a Year in Review tomorrow, since I have the day off and can concentrate on the whole year.

December is all I can deal with tonight. It was a huge month book wise. I read 29 books. Almost twice my normal [for this year] amount. Most of that was due to my coworker leaving because of surgery. I started reading at lunchtimes again and stopped messing around with M:TG cards in the evening and that gave me a ton of time to read, which I put to good use.

I read some real crappers but I since I was basically reading a book a day I’d just start on the next book and not give it much thought. I also read Flowers for Algernon and that just made up for so much stuff that I can’t begin to weigh the balances. I did have 3 one stars but I also had 6 four and above stars. I’m pretty ok with that ratio.

On a side note, I read enough that I couldn’t fit all the covers into a collage on and still have room to put in text. So I just filled it all up with covers. I rather liked that.

3 thoughts on “December ’15 Roundup

  1. Rabindranauth says:

    That’s a ridiculously awesome number, 29. Looking forward to your year’s review!

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  2. Bookwraiths says:

    Amazing reading month!

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  3. Bookstooge says:

    Thanks guys! I also had a couple of days off and found myself just reading for 8hrs straight and would devour 2 books at a time. It was kind of crazy as I got way behind in my reviews and ended up posting twice a day for several days.


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