The Tomb of Hercules (Wilde and Chase #2)

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Title: The Tomb of Hercules

Series: Wilde and Chase

Author: Andy Mcdermott

Rating: 3 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: Action/Adventure

Pages: 541

Format: Kindle



Nina Wilde, now in charge of a large U.N. based agency, is stuck behind a desk instead of doing actual archaeological work.

Eddie Chase, now Nina’s underling, is also stuck behind a desk. Not a good thing for anybody.

So when an old Ex calls, Eddie goes running. And Nina must chase him down or lose him. So begins a globetrotting adventure to find the Tomb of Hercules, a tomb legendary for its vast treasure trove.


My Thoughts:

After the rather over the top, lets kill 75% of the world kind of plot from the previous book, this simple smash, shoot and grab adventure was nice.

Let’s see. Wilde and Chase drive a monster dumptruck from a diamond mine and take out some tanks and stuff. They go zipping down some rivers in one of those everglade airfan boats and have battles with some speedboats. They get captured by 2 different billionaires. Eddie’s Ex is a bitch. They invade an underwater living area and Nina ends up chasing after Eddie in an experimental submarine that could blow up for no reason whatsoever. They find the tomb and watch as man after man fall prey to to the booby traps. And when you thought it was all over…they have to stop a nuclear bomb from going off in Manhattan while chained to a big boat.

Unrelenting action from beginning to end.

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