Streaming Dawn (Fated Blades #3.5)

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Title: Streaming Dawn

Series: Fated Blades

Author: Steve Bein

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 89

Format: Kindle





The Wind has decided who shall be in power next. It is up to Kaida from the second book to make it happen. Considering she’s the Wind’s top assassin, how can she fail?

But when an incorruptible man carrying an Inazuma blade, Glory Victory Unsought, comes onto the scene, things get a little complicated.


My Thoughts:

I’ve really been enjoying these Fated Blade books. I have also found that these novella’s really add a lot to the overall story. I like the fact that they occur ONLY in the past and are all about the Inazuma blades.

While this labeled as #3.5, mainly because of the Wind, which isn’t introduced until Disciple of the Wind (book #3), it took me awhile to make the connection between the main character Kaida the Assassin [a very old lady] and Kaida the Fisher Girl [from Year of the Demon (book #2)].  But once I did, my enjoyment went up a notch. Next time I read through this series I’ll definitely be reading this between books 2 and 3 instead of after 3.

I am buying the books in paperback as they come out and wish these novellas could be published that way as well. Ebook is good for reading, but not for collecting.


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