Leviathan (Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier #5)

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Title: Leviathan

Series: Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier

Author: Jack Campbell

Rating: 4  of 5 Battle Axes

Genre: SFF

Pages: 324




Geary tracks down the rogue A.I. fleet with help of the alien Dancers. He must destroy them at all cost or civilization, both of the Alliance and the Syndics, will fall.

But with secret black agencies working against him and the Government, can Geary do his job and still abide by the laws he believes are necessary?


My Thoughts:

Now this is a good military SF book. I like a main character who has character. I like space battles, just not too much [this book was balanced perfectly in that regards]. I like happy endings.

In short, this book is why I buy certain books in hardcover. I like it, I’ll re-read it in a decade or so and I want to have it on hand should I decide to do a year long re-read of all my favorite books.

I truly enjoyed the “If I do that, then they’ll do that, then I’ll do..” kind of logic chains that went on between Geary and the computers in the A.I. fleet which were coded based on him. How cool is that, fighting a version of yourself?

Since Campbell wrote 6 books in the original Lost Fleet series, I am hoping he keeps up the symmetry and ends this sequel series in the next book.


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