July ’15 Roundup




The pictures aren’t in order as I read the books, but I guess that is just the neurotic cataloging side of me showing πŸ™‚ 


This collage was done at Ipiccy.com with the gunmetal font. I finally signed up, as the last several months I have used them over the other sites that offer free collages.  I am using the iphone4 layout, as it allows almost all of the cover to be shown instead of cutting them off at random points.


Not a bad month, as I read 15 books. However, several of those were DNF’s. I am thankful to have learned to DNF a book, but I still don’t like it. No 5 stars, but I don’t expect many of those in a year, so no disappointment there.


Average rating for the month came to 2.96, which since I hover around the 3.02 mark, is exactly average.  And I wish I could come up with some witty “average” remark right now, but it is eluding me.




1) Friday’s Feast – Don Pendleton – 3 Stars


2) Satan’s Gambit – Brian Moses – 2 Stars


3) Requiem for a Ruler of Worlds – Brian Daley – 4 Stars


4) Gabriel’s Horn – Alex Archer – 3 Stars


5) Shadow’s Linger – Glen Cook – 3.5 Stars


6) The Warlord – Jason Frost – 3.5 Stars


7) Blood and Bullets – James Tuck – 3 Stars


8) Dryad-Born – Jeff Wheeler – 3 Stars/DNF


9) Deathstalker Rebellion – Simon Green – 3.5 Stars


10) The Tejano Conflict – Steve Perry – 1 Star/DNF


11) Operation Odessa – Yoshikazu Yasuhiko – 4 Stars


12) The Fall of Highwatch – Mark Sehestedt – 3 Stars


13) Fathers and Sons – Ivan Turgenev – 4 Stars


14) ATLAS 2 – Isaac Hooke – 3 Stars


15) World’s End – Mark Chadbourn – 1 Star/DNF



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