Odd Interlude (Odd Thomas #5)

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Title: Odd Interlude

Series: Odd Thomas

Author: Dean Koontz

Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 289




Odd Thomas, on his way to stop something or other, stops into a small town. And for goodness sake, discovers phracking E.T.

And E.T. would rather EAT you than make your stupid bike fly.


My Thoughts:

This was loads and loads more enjoyable than the previous book.  Hijackings, crashes, explosions, gun battles. This was Odd Thomas at his quirkiest and his best.

Odd was in fine voice and his asides and whatnot were exactly what I was expecting and hoping for. The parts of the story written by the little girl [well, 12’ish I believe] were pretty good too. It made me laugh when she assumes Odd is “old”, like maybe 30, or EVEN 35. Got to love time.

My only quibble was with how the dna thing worked. I know recently that “dna” is the big thing and “You Too Can Gain Superpowers, by Just Injecting This ‘Stuff’ Into You” is what is presented. I can usually ignore it, but this time it had me rolling my eyes.

So folks, DON’T WORRY! If some bugger sticks you with a syringe full of alien goop, you will simply DIE! You WILL NOT turn into an ALIEN. I hope that sets your minds at ease. I know I’ll sleep better with that very important reminder. Because come on, admit it, doesn’t everyone secretly worry about being turned into a hideous, cannibalistic alien/human hybrid?


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