Damia (The Tower and the Hive #2)

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Title: Damia

Series: The Tower and the Hive #2

Author: Anne McCaffrey

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 391



The Rowan and Jeff are pushing out babies left and right. Afra, a T4 who was in love with the Rowan, translates his feelings into protecting their children. And is the target of the 3rd child’s seduction, Damia.

Then Damia grows up and they get it on. And lots of adventures happen inbetween all that.


My Thoughts:

First, this book is as much about Afra as it is about Damia. It is simply a very long, drawn out romance with some science-fiction and action elements thrown in. Still pretty enjoyable however.

My main quibble was with the attempted seduction by Damia of Afra when she was still a teenager. One, it was silly [Oh Afra, won’t you rub suntan lotion on me? Oops, you missed a spot, right down here] and Two, it was disturbing. The sexualization of minors is not something I find acceptable or want to read about.

Overall, a good light adventure romp.

Oh, I HATE the new covers. They are definitely aimed at the teen female crowd. I’m just glad I read this back when it came out so I could read it again. With the original cover.






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