Twin Cities Run (Endworld #3)

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Title: Twin Cities Run

Series: Endworld #3

Author: David Robbins

Rating: 2 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 212



Alpha Triad finally makes it to the Twin Cities to pick up the medical equipment that Plato has requested.

Sadly, due to their complete and utter incompetence and total idiocy, the group gets separated and doled out among the various factions remaining in the city.

Thankfully, Brother Joshua brings them all together and peace and harmony float down like a gentle rain on them all.

And so they have a chance to get the equipment they need, but do they do that? Nope, they head right back to the Home to report the good news, because what difference can a month or 2 make, right?


My Thoughts:

This has moved far beyond silly or any such thing and has gotten into the down right stupid.

Alpha Triad takes Black Beauty with them back to the City, since she knows the lay of the land. But she doesn’t advise them and they don’t ask her any real questions. Then they decide it is a good idea to head into the city, on foot, at night.

From there, the decisions get even worse. The Triad, the different factions, all of them, just keep making the stupidest decisions one after another.The worst was right at the end when the group  has brokered a peace deal and decides to leave WITHOUT getting the equipment they came for. WHY?!?!? All that blood, death and fighting and now you just want to chuck it and do it later?

I wonder what Robbins was thinking when he wrote this stuff. In many ways, it seems like the logic of a 10 or 11 year old boy who has never actually even had a field trip but dreams up what he thinks an adventure would be like. My problem is that I can’t even make fun of it anymore. They act that stupid. I guess I’ll have to blame it on in-breeding because nothing else can account for such mental deficiencies.

One other issue that seems to be arising is that nobody ACTS like WWIII was 100 years ago. Everyone acts like it happened to their parents and they are just figuring out now how to survive in the world.

I’m giving this one more book to pick up even a half star’s worth or I’m done. Campy or whatever I can deal with, but not stupid.

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