Author D.P. Prior Just Moved to Number 1 in my Avoidance List…Sigh

I recently blogged about a book by D.P. Prior, entitled Sword of the Archon/Cadman’s Gambit.

I copy/paste my reviews as backups on several other places and one of them is WordPress.

To my surprise, Prior commented on my review and said the following:

D. P. Prior says:

This was on the product page when you downloaded the book:

“Originally published as Cadman’s Gambit, the third edition, now known as Sword of the Archon, features a new opening chapter, some restructuring of early scenes, and is now rendered in US English.”

It’s regrettable the title change sent you apoplectic.

Glad to be on your list. I’d sooner not encounter this level of vitriol in the future; sours my wine.

Be happy.”

I allowed the comment on my WordPress account because it really confirmed to me that Prior is one of the new breed of Indie authors, ie, thin skinned and expecting everyone to love and kiss their literary projects.

You know, I leave the authors alone. Why can’t they leave me alone?

Here is the original WordPress review/comment link if you care to verify:

I don’t expect anything to come of this but I have screen captured his comment and plan to dissuade anyone I can from reading his books. He should have just left it alone and we’d both be happier.


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