Colorado Kill-Zone (The Executioner #25)

Colorado Kill-Zone (The Executioner, #25) - Don Pendleton This review is written with a GPL 3.0 license and the rights contained therein shall supersede all TOS by any and all websites in regards to copying and sharing without proper authorization and permissions. Crossposted at by express permission of this reviewer

Title: Colorado Kill-Zone

Series: The Executioner

Author: Don Pendleton

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Pages: 104


The Mafia hires a rogue army general [who happens to HAVE an army] who almost flawlessly executes a Bolan Trap. Emphasis on “almost”.

Plus, there’s a plot to kidnap the President of the United States for a Billion dollars in gold.

My Thoughts:

Sometimes I feel that is really unfair to give these books 3 stars because I enjoy the heck out of them. But there is more than simple enjoyment in rating a book.

I guess if this was food, I’d consider it a soda or an energy drink. Tastes good, feels good but a steady intake of such will hurt you.

So Mack gets suckered in by an old Vietnam buddy who has gone rogue. Fake military making Mack think he has crossed the line and killed soldiers who are just doing their job. A psychological tactic that comes this — close to working. Thankfully, Mack’s friends in the Mafia and the Government give him the heads up and so he can start thinking tactically again.

There is just so much awesome mano-e-mano gun battles that it makes my Manly Ego growl with delight.

Please excuse me as I go punch out some walls now…


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