Horizon Storms (Saga of the Seven Suns #3)

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Title: Horizon Storms

Series: Saga of the Seven Suns #3

Author: Kevin Anderson

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SFF

Pages: 672



Surprisingly little happens in this volume.

The Roamers make an alliance with the Wentals [water elementals] and with the Free Planet of the Green Priests. They also find out that the main Human Empire has been pirating their space fuel and so cut them off, which brings reprisals.

The klikiss robots advance their plans to wipe out humanity and the ildarans.

The hydrogues and the faeros are duking it out and continue to destroy worlds and suns in the process.


My Thoughts:

Thankfully, this book didn’t drag like the last one. However, not nearly as much happened. Got to the end of the book and went “huh? that is it” but not in a good way.

I consider books like this to be like eating frozen pizzas. They satisfy your hunger, don’t disgust you and do what they are supposed to, but you’ll never pull out the candles, the good china and silver and hire your neighbor to act as a waiter so you and the Mrs can eat a “le’ frozen pizza”.

Anderson is a b list author who has made a name for himself but I don’t consider him to be a “good” author, merely a competent writer. His storylines leave a lot to be desired as do his characters and general blaseness.

I’ll keep reading stuff by him and I’ll probably lambast it each time as well. Hopefully that will help you if ever decide to read something by him.


One thought on “Horizon Storms (Saga of the Seven Suns #3)

  1. Rabindranauth says:

    That’s been the vibe I get from him too. He’s very prolific, which I can definitely understand based on what I’ve learnt of his writing process. But ultimately he’s never been one of those authors you wait up for on midnight of release date to watch his latest book that you preordered with glee download onto your Kindle, hah.

    Liked by 1 person

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