Lord of Stormweather (Sembia #7 Final) (Forgotten Realms)

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Title: Lord of Stormweather

Series: Sembia #7,  Forgotten Realms

Author: Dave Gross

Rating: 3  of 5 Stars

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 316



Tamlin Uskevren, Heir of the Uskevren House, is kidnapped and then rescued by his brother and sister.

At the same time, the Hulorn [supreme ruler of the City] has hired an assassin to kill of his opposition. Mundane or magical, the Hulorn doesn’t care.

And because of that, Thamalon, his lady and Erevis Cale are all transported to a magical land that is ruled by an apparently Powerful and Cruel Tamlin.

All threads come together in the end as this series about the Uskevren family comes to a close as well.


My Thoughts:

The series ends and we get to see the end of one Generation of the Uskevrens and the beginnings of another.

I really, really wish I had finished this series before starting the Erevis Cale trilogies, it would have filled in a lot of blanks.

Basically, Thamalon dies, Tamlin takes over and the city of Sembia goes on as before. This was a good adventure story with lots of fighting, magic and mystery.  A good end to Erevis Cale and his connections to the Uskevrens. It also ends the rise of the House of Uskevren and begins its plateau.

This series overall is a good intro to Erevis Cale in the first 2 books and the next 5 fill in information that is relevant to Cale in the two trilogies. Pretty good 7 book series in the Forgotten Realms world.

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