A Forest of Stars (Saga of the Seven Suns #2)

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Title: A Forest of Stars

Series: Saga of the Seven Suns #2

Author: Kevin Anderson

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Genre: SF

Pages: 704



Stuff happens and the other ancient alien races appear. One for each element of Air, Water, Fire and Earth.

This definitely deserves the title of “Saga”, as it is huge in scope.


My Thoughts:

I enjoyed the beginning, was bored in the middle and enjoyed the ending.

Most of my experience with Anderson has been with his Star Wars books and they never impressed me, not at all. This series, the writing is almost like he is enjoying what he is writing and he’s trying to do a good job. And it shows.

My only problem is/was that this was just too big. Too much is happening and to force it all in, you get some really boring stretches. Overall, a solid read but not something I’ll ever re-read or salivate for the next book, unlike Akira.


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