Vamphyri! (Necroscope #2)

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Title: Vamphyri!

Series: Necroscope #2

Author: Brian Lumley

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Pages: 470



Years before the activities chronicled in Necroscope, one of the vampires set things in motion for his successor to rise should he ever be destroyed.

This story alternates between modern day tale of Bodescu the descendant and the story of the rise of Ferenczy, the ancestor.


My Thoughts:

Now this was a Cold War Espionage Thriller…with Vampires that I was expecting.

I really enjoyed the historical aspect, seeing Ferenczy through the ages and how he tired of life eventually.

There certainly were disturbing scenes that really bothered me. Bodescu forcing himself on his mother, aunt and cousin with his vampire powers while his Uncle stood by and watched was probably the worst. It wasn’t graphic, thankfully, but it was more than enough to put me off.

This was definitely horror, with all the creepy disturbing’ness that goes along with that. Harry is part of the story,  but almost more like a facilitator of information than a real character. Of course, him being an incorporeal ghost might have something to do with that. I did like how things were worked out so Harry could stick around.

Not much else to say really. Not sure why the “!” was added in the title, but hey, those 80’s were a bigger than big time.  Enjoyable.

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