xxxHolic #17, 18 & 19 (Manga Monday)

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Title: xxxHolic #17, 18 & 19

Series: xxxHolic

Author & Artist: CLAMP

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga

Pages: 165-185’ish



The series wraps up with several clients showing up and showcasing how powerful and comfortable Watanuki has become as the shop owner.

And it all leads to one final dream, Yuko’s dream.


My Thoughts:

During the whole time that I was reading these 3 volumes, I was simply shaking my head in wonder and amazement. Gone are the silly arguments between Watanuki and Domeki, gone are the times of Watanuki making a complete fool of himself for Himawari’s sake and gone is Watanuki’s self-effacing timidness.

Time is the main casualty in these volumes. We never know how much time has passed and while CLAMP sometimes shows things [Himawari &  Watanuki talking on the phone about her marriage for example] happening that take time, nothing is truly concrete.

CLAMP does try to show changes in some of the characters, Kahone-chan for instance, but the art style doesn’t lend itself toward subtle changes and so everyone pretty much looks like their starting ages.

One thing that I REALLY liked was that Watanuki grants a wish to the Tsubasa crew so that the quest they began at the end of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles appears to be near the end.

Speaking of endings, another thing that I really liked in this series was that things were wrapped up. Himawari gets married to someone else and is actually happy. Domeki and Kohane-chan, who is no longer really a “chan”, are on course to get together and are happy. Mokona is still drinking like a sponge and is happy. Maru and Moro are still sustaining the shop and are happy.

And most important of all, Watanuki sees Yuko’s last dream and hence gets to see her for one last time and sees how she has confidence in him. And he is happy. I am satisfied with how this series has ended. I am seriously considering reading xxxHolic: Kei now.

To whit, this series is one of the best manga I’ve read to date. It has some action, enough humor, is supernatural, a tiny bit of terror, awesome characters, a convoluted plot and most of all, it has Yuko the Time/Space Witch.

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