xxxHolic #15 & 16 (Manga Monday)

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Title: xxxHolic #15 & 16

Series: xxxHolic

Author & Artist: CLAMP

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga



Volume 15 is all about Watanuki saying goodbye to Yuko even though he doesn’t realize it at the time. However, we the readers do and that makes it all the more poignant.

Volume 16 is about Watanuki taking over the shop and dealing with his first real customer on his own.


My Thoughts:

This series continues to impress me [I hesitate to say “astound”, but honestly, it is really reaching that level].

The emotion between the characters, the emotion from the situations they are in, I have a hard time believing that a manga can do this to me.

In vol 15, Yuko explains to Watanuki why she must leave and yet at the end of the chapter, he ends up making the very same type of promise to wait for her return that set the events in motion that we read about in Tsubasa and xxxHolic. And it does seem that Yuko is now dead, but not truly gone. But it does seem that if anyone knew the dangers of making such a wish, it would be Yuko and she’d warn Watanuki against it. Maybe I’m mis-reading his wish however?

Watanuki takes over the shop in a pretty smooth transition from Yuko. He inherits her weird fashion sense, smokes her pipe and in many ways seems to be trying to emulate her actions and how she ran the shop. Time is another thing that isn’t quite the same for us the readers now, as Watanuki has stepped outside of time and into the shop and so we don’t see much what is happening outside or how time is flowing.

Very much looking forward to the final 3 volumes of xxxHolic!


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