xxxHolic #9 & 10 (Manga Monday)

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Title: xxxHolic #9 & 10

Series: xxxHolic

Author & Artist: CLAMP

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Genre: Manga



Watanuki has several adventures, but is introduced to a young psychic girl whose mother is keeping her under lock and key to keep her ‘pure’ so her gift doesn’t go away. Seems she can sense and instinctively know what to do about dead people who haven’t passed on

At the same time, he is forced to accept that really bad things happen to him around Himiwari but Watanuki being Watanuki, he refuses to allow that to change how he thinks about her or acts towards her.


My Thoughts:

I found these 2 books to be very melancholic and yet at the very end, hopeful.

Meeting the little psychic girl was just sad. Her mother is using her for her own profit and not thinking about the girl at all. Watanuki just sees a little girl who is alone and has to deal with the spirit world on her own and he simply reaches out to her and is her friend. He gives her a dream balloon, goes on a picnic date with her and generally connects her to humanity. It was kind of heart breaking.

The second main thing was dealing with Himawari and Watanuki almost dies [falls out a second story window at school]. During his recovering we find out that it isn’t just Watanuki who has bad luck around her, but everyone, except for her parents and Domeki, who seems to be immune to most things spiritual. Himawari attempts to give up her friendship with Watanuki to save him, but he rejects that and tells her she makes him happy, even when things go bad and that he won’t give up their friendship.

Yuko makes a gift that he can give Himawari that won’t be affected by her, so that she’ll have some companionship and be reminded of Watanuki.

I am finding this series to be deep in developing characters, funny with humor and interesting, creepy, sad and lovely with all the little stories. Definitely glad I own this series.


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