Killing Floor (Jack Reacher #1)

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Jack Reacher, ex-army, is now an avowed drifter. Boating down the river of life with no destination in mind, simply seeing what comes his way.

He stops at a small Georgia town to escape a heavy rain and becomes embroiled in a small town’s politics, several murders, a larger overall mystery and tangles with a real bad outfit.



My Thoughts:

First off, this is brutal. It got my Ultra-violence tag, but it was not ultra-violence that I like. I like Violence in space, or with elves, or in a time before I was born, not in the here and now. In other words, I don’t like real life violence. If you can’t wrap your head around the differences, that is ok. It took me years to figure why I liked some kinds of violence and not others. Very much a psychological/mental difference.

Prison rape that didn’t happen, but was described what “could have” happened. A 4 man butcher squad that tortured and killed the families of anyone who found out about their activities, in pretty graphic detail.

At the same time, I really enjoyed the overall story/mystery/thriller. Jack is a smart man who simply doesn’t want to be tied down to our current society’s way of life. So he drifts and this time he simply drifted into the wrong place at the wrong time. It turns out that only he can take care of things once it is discovered his brother is involved. It is a very engaging story about a man doing what a man’s gotta do.

There is a love interest, that is pretty strong, but you know how it is going to turn out right from the get go. Jack is no settlin’ down man.  In the end, Justice AND Revenge are served, the badguys die and Jack drifts off to another town and another story.

Just like with Necroscope, I plan on reading more in this series, but provisionally on a book by book basis. One book I can’t take, for whatever reason and I’m done.


Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Author: Lee Child

Killing Floor

Jack Reacher #1


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