Black Wolf (Sembia #4) (Forgotten Realms)

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Talbot Uskevren, a newly minted were-wolf, is trying to put his life back together after the battle his whole family faced in the last book.

At the same time, the Werewolf that turned him is in league with a family enemy. And if that isn’t enough, a prophecy about The Black Wolf is coming into play.

Finally, a woman is involved.


My Thoughts:

Thamalon Uskevren is a great man, who made his house great. And if you ever wonder why Great Houses become Middle Houses, it is because the children.

Each of the Sembia books follow an Uskreven child. And lordy, are they all spoiled brats! They aren’t hopeless, but their weaknesses are great enough that not one alone could keep their House great and they can’t get along.

I’m not a big fan of were-wolves, but this worked. It was an adventure family revenge story that just happened to have were-wolves AND vampires. Oh yes, vampires. And they aren’t the Dracula sexy vampires, but more like a sea leach. It was gross and I loved it.

Obviously, things turn out as you pretty much expect, it IS Forgotten Realms after all but that is part of the fun. A fun, comforting adventure read that doesn’t push me mentally in any way. I need those sometimes.


Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Author: David Gross

Black Wolf

Forgotten Realms: Sembia, Gateway to the Realms #4

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