The Widowmaker Unleashed (Widowmaker #3)

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Jefferson Nighthawk, the original Widowmaker, has been cured of his disease and released back into the land of the living. He just wants to settle down and live the rest of his days out quietly with a good woman.

However, the jobs his 2 previous clones pulled have made him a whole boatload of new enemies, ones he doesn’t know at all. So it looks like the Widowmaker has a choice, come out of retirement or die!


My Thoughts

While I enjoyed this book, it seemed rather short compared to the others. However, it is as long page-wise as the previous two.

Jefferson gets out, expects to retire, but keeps sticking his nose into situations that draw him back into the bounty hunter lifestyle. He keeps “saying” he wants out, but his actions say otherwise.

Eventually he creates another clone to the Widowmaker and fakes his own death so he can live in peace.

This would be much better as an ending to the overall story instead of as a stand alone story. I think if you read all 3 of the Widowmaker books in a row, that this would have been a better tale, as it would have been directly resting on the previous stories.  As a story by itself, however, I found Jefferson Nighthawk to be a cantankerous, selfish, deliberately blind and obtuse old man. His abilities didn’t outweigh his un-likable’ness.

When I read the 2 book, I found out there was a 4th book. I hope to hunt it down and read it in the next couple of months, because overall I have really enjoyed the Widowmaker books and think they rate right up there with the Santiago Duology.


Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Mike Resnick

The Widowmaker Unleashed

Widowmaker #3

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