The Widowmaker Reborn (Widowmaker #2)


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Jefferson Nighthawk, aka the Widowmaker, is cloned again to rescue a young lady from a terrorist who is holding her hostage for ransom. This time, he’s been cloned as a 38 year old with all his original memories.


My Thoughts

Where Jeff, the first clone, was a 23 year old horndog who thought with his genitals, this clone has 62 years of memories and an additional 15 years of age to combat that. Jefferson makes his plans from the get-go, counting on that he’ll be betrayed by either the client, his lawyers or *somebody*. And his goal is to get enough money to live on, cure the original AND himself and to disappear so he doesn’t spend his life running.

This Widowmaker was an experienced, hardened veteran getting a job done. He does what he needs to with minimal fuss, little show and a lot of brains.

There are still all of the obligatory cliched characters that populate Resnick’s universe, but it wouldn’t be his universe without them. A corrupt politician, a beautiful girl, a desperado with a twist, some sort of alien or 2. And guns and stuff. Beautiful Kablooies!

I thoroughly enjoyed this. If the final book in this trilogy holds up, I’ll have to seriously consider buying this trilogy in hardcover.


Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Author: Mike Resnick

The Widowmaker Reborn

Widowmaker #2

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