The Scorpion (Legend of the Five Rings: Clan War #1)


In a fantasy Japan ruled by an emperor who must balance the 7 Clans, the Scorpion Clan leader has a prophecy revealed to him that the current “Divine” line of Emperors will herald in doom for the entire world by allowing Feng Lu, THE demon, to be loosed.

My Thoughts

To be honest, this is filled with the most purplish of prose you’ll ever come across. It is based on Japanese culture, but that would be like if a Japanese author read all of Louis L’amour’s westerns and then wrote a book “about America” based solely on those.

I don’t know anything about the Legend of the Five Rings except that there was a collectable card game based on it some time ago. So I’m sure I might be missing details.

The story. It reminded me of a Forgotten Realms book with its simplicity and man-handling of the plot. There was no attempt at subterfuge on the authors part at all, it was full on “get this story told” kind of thing. The Scorpions were supposed to be the intelligence of the kingdom, but man, do they screw things up royally. So instead of saving the kingdom, it looks like they set things up for the End of the World.

There are 7 books in this series and several authors participate. I hope some of the other authors do a better job. I like the idea, just not the execution of this book. I’ll keep reading it until it forces me to stop.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

Author: Stephen Sullivan

Legend of the Five Rings: Clan War #1

The Scorpion

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One thought on “The Scorpion (Legend of the Five Rings: Clan War #1)

  1. […] know what else is purple? PROSE! Bad prose at that. The Scorpion was book that had some potential but it was filled with more purple prose than a Forgotten Realms […]


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