Kenobi (Star Wars)




Star Wars

Author: John Miller

4 of 5 Stars


Excellent book! Miller does a great job of showing how Obi-wan, the famous general, jedi and do-gooder, starts down the path to being Ben Kenobi, the crazy old wizard in the desert.

Main story is about Kenobi trying to find a niche on Tatooine and his interactions with a local bar/store/whatever family called the Caldwells. In many ways, the Caldwells [or it might be the Callwells, not sure, don’t care] are the main characters. There is the widowed Mom, the teen daughter and slightly younger teen son.  Ben’s story is told through glimpses as he pops in and out of the Caldwell’s story.

Tusken raiders are involved, a greedy/stupid/arrogant landowner, some of Jabba’s minions and the general populace of the region.

In the last several years most of the Star Wars books that have come out have left me feeling very meh and wondering if I really wanted to keep reading in this universe. It is books like Kenobi that keep me coming back.

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