Wives and Daughters

Wives and Daughters
Wives and Daughters

Elizabeth Gaskell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Having heard a lot about Gaskell, I was prepared for something similar to Jane Austen.

And in many instances, Gaskell fulfilled that expectation. This was a romance with the pre-requisite class distinction, harsh societal rules and busy bodies.

Unfortunately, it also had Molly, the main character. I like a “good” character, but I also want to read about a character who has some spine, some spitfire. In other words, Elizabeth Bennett. Molly reminded me of the main character from Mansfield Park, a milksop.

And the non-ending, while full of promise that is pretty clear, is abrupt. I didn’t realize that Gaskell had died before finishing this book. I didn’t like it any better this time than when I read The Mystery of Edwin Drood or when Robert Jordan died part way through the Wheel of Time series.

So I realize that I’m complaining a lot, but I did enjoy it. Just not as greatly as I expected.

One thought on “Wives and Daughters

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