SantiagoSantiago: A Myth of the Far Future

Santiago #1

Mike Resnick

4 of 5 Stars


What a great book!
A cast of characters who take their names from a balladeer, all focused on taking out the King of the Outlaws.
Who it turns out is pretty much in the same role as the captain in Resnick’s Starship series.

Bounty hunters, journalists, thieves, tramps, swindlers and killers.

A tapestry of humanity, woven together for a fun read. Not a classic by any means, but a great read and re-read.

2 thoughts on “Santiago

  1. […] I read by Resnick I compare to my first read of Santiago back in Junior High and while that was around 2 decades ago, I still remember it as total […]


  2. […] Resnick. If I ever feel the need to read anything of his again, I’ll just stick to the Santiago and Widowmaker books. I know I liked those at […]


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