A Quantum Murder (Greg Mandel #2)


A Quantum Murder
Greg Mandel #2
Peter F. Hamilton
Ebook, 384 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This was a classic “locked room” mystery. But on a much larger scale.

And it deals with implanting memories and is totally based on the premise that a mind can be recreated in another human and hence that human becomes the first person who’s mind it was.
(Which is bogus, because we are more than our memories. But I digress.)

The Mandell’s are farmers, enjoying the bucolic life, trying to forge a new life together. Then they get dragged into a murder mystery and wormholes, and FTL and psychic glands all get involved.

While sex was hinted at, not so subtly, in the first book, in this book we have a scene or two that stop just short of the explicitly graphic. Which doesn’t bode well for Book 3.

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