Mindstar Rising (Greg Mandel #1)


Mindstar Rising
Greg Mandel #1
Peter F. Hamilton
Ebook, 383 Pages
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I had heard of Peter Hamilton and associated his books with huge tomes of Hard Science [fiction]. And some of the people who talked about him weren’t the kind of people I really wanted to get book suggestions from, so I had put off reading him.

I am glad I chose this trilogy to start. I was really impressed with this book.

It was a good scifi action book that didn’t overwhelm me. Greg Mandell came across as the worn out ex-specialist that he is. Him marrying, at the end, a busty redhead with a muscular body, who is almost half his age didn’t hurt anything either.

Julia, billionaire heiress, was a good counter to Mandell’s world weariness. Her youthful energy, drive and desire to overcome everything helped lighten the overall tone of the plot.

The overall plot, of the giving of a tech company over to Julia, while other consortia do their best to make her fail, and Mandell being all psychic [he has a gland that helps him to read other’s surface thoughts] was thoroughly enjoyable.

While I gave this the cyberpunk tag, and I do think it deserves it, it is more along the lines of subdued England First cyberpunk. England is taking over the tech world, not the japanese. But all the other marks of CP are there: inflation, money, drugs, guns, computer hookups of all kinds; they just simply aren’t as IN YOUR FACE as say Snow Crash. For which I am thankful.

2 thoughts on “Mindstar Rising (Greg Mandel #1)

  1. Ahhh, I liked ‘Snow Crash’!

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